A great real estate agent who knows intricate details of a neighborhood is simply invaluable to a potential homebuyer. If you’d like to establish yourself as an expert in a certain area, here are 4 things to do to make that happen.

Pick the right neighborhood for you

Selecting the right neighborhood to base your expertise is a personal and professional decision. Consider these things:

  • Type of buyer
  • Home prices
  • Location in proximity to your home/office
  • Future potential (redevelopment or growth)
  • How marketable the area is

Understand property values

Got your neighborhood selected? Great. Next, do your research to thoroughly understand the values of the homes in the neighborhood. Know each street or section and how the values differ. 

Understanding the history and current market trends for the area will give you the confidence to become a neighborhood expert.

couple buying a house

Spend time in the neighborhood

Sounds simple, right? Driving the streets and looking at each home will help familiarize yourself with each area so you know what to expect when talking with potential buyers or sellers.

Saying things like ‘the blue 2-story house backed up to the creek” is far more impressive than simply stating the address in conversation.

Connect with residents and potential buyers online

Many neighborhoods have Facebook pages, websites or are on the NextDoor app. Introduce yourself and get to know the online chatter within the neighborhood. Getting to know residents and establishing yourself as a resource will help you secure clients when someone is ready to sell. 

Neighborhood experts are kind of a big deal

Layer these 4 steps and work through the process and you’ll be an expert in no time! You can market yourself as an expert in buying and selling homes in the area. Buyers and sellers want knowledgeable people who have their best interests at heart. Congratulations – that’s you!