Ah, the home office. It’s a space that demands productivity, but equally craves comfort and functionality. Working from home is on the rise and creating the right space is crucial to being productive. We here at Trustworthy Title & Escrow have some advice.

Here are five ways to make your home office work for you

Location, location, location

Choosing the right spot to set up your home office really matters. Make sure your office has enough space to move around comfortably during a workday. You don’t want to be crammed in a corner and attempt to be productive. Other factors are good lighting, access to a printer or other supplies you’ll need, and a nice view (like by a window) is a bonus.

Warmth, décor, and comfort

You’re going to be in your home office a lot, so why not make it your own? Put a photo or two up, add a motivational quote and a plant to the space. And make your home office comfortable! The right chair, or even a standing desk, will promote productivity in the space.

Go cordless

If you’ve been dealing with clunky cords forever, it’s time to upgrade. Switching to a wireless keyboard and mouse can breathe new life into your setup. Not more going back-and-forth between the cords being too tight and or in the way.

Black businessman working from home office

Declutter your space

Take the last five minutes of your workday to declutter your space. Put pens away, clear sticky note reminders, and remove drinking cups from your desk. Clearing your space at the end of the day will set up tomorrow’s productivity before it even begins.

Maintain work-life balance

To make your home office work for you, be sure to keep regular office hours. It can be tempting to log back onto work for just one more thing or because it’s nearby. Don’t give in! 

Whether you’re just setting up your home office or you’ve been working in it awhile, adjustments will be needed. As you get into the flow of working from home, consider making changes to stay efficient in your office space.