Right now (2018) in Omaha the housing market is hot. It’s hot because there is a limited inventory with many buyers looking. This has created a sellers market. That means that the sellers have better leverage in getting their asking price. This has led some sellers to consider selling their home on their own. The thought process is that they will save money by not paying a real estate agent a commission. This may or may not be true given each circumstance and the knowledge of those involved.

So, if you are a seller or a buyer working through a For Sale by Owner process you will want to work with a knowledgeable title company to help you through the process. Trustworthy Title & Escrow, LLC is able to provide a packet that includes a purchase contract, Property Condition Disclosure and Lead Paint Disclosure. You, the buyer and seller will then be able to come to terms on the purchase price and any other negotiable items. We at Trustworthy will be happy to help point out what lines need to be filled in, but the seller and buyer will need to decide what to write in.

There are other services one party or the other may need. If any legal advice is needed an attorney will need to be retained. Also a pest inspection, home inspection or survey may be needed. We know and can recommend one or more professionals that can help with your particular situation.

Once the contract is complete and signed by all parties,Trustworthy Title & Escrow will then perform a search of the public records to determine the marketability of the title. That means we look for any defects in the chain of title. We check ownership and what liens are filed against the property. We then produce a Commitment to Insure the buyer and lender and work towards clearing any liens or other issues that were found. Once all marketability issues are corrected and the seller closing documents are signed we close the buyers side and disburse funds accordingly. This includes the proceeds of the sale. Then we record the new deed. Rest assured when you work with us we know the process and can help you navigate through a For Sale By Owner Home Sale. Call us today and let’s get started!