So what is a title search and what will it do for you? A title search (also called a report of title) in short is an uninsured report that shows who owns a piece of real estate and what liens that affect it. Only a licensed abstracter is authorized to issue a Title Search in Nebraska. We search the public records for everything that affects the real estate. This includes ownership of real estate, mortgages, real estate taxes, court judgments, Federal and State tax liens and bankruptcies.

Title searches can help find specific matters of interest depending on what you are doing. Real estate investors, need a report on items still active that affect the property. Ownership, deed of trusts, mechanic liens and court judgments (including foreclosures) will be of interest.

Attorneys may be looking for many things. For example it may be a particular item that may or may not be active that affects the property. Like an easement between neighbors. Perhaps you are resolving a property line dispute and are looking for a recorded survey. Estate Planning attorneys will want to know current status of title of the real estate for planning purposes.

Lenders frequently give Home Equity or 2nd Mortgages based on a title search. Others may want to only verify if something has been recorded or released.

It’s important to understand that a title search will never insure the marketability of title. But it does give you an understanding of what is there so you can begin asking the question “How does it affect me or help me achieve the purpose of knowing what’s there”.

Whatever your needs are, Trustworthy Title & Escrow can help. I am a trusted, licensed Abstracter and Title Insurance professional with over 16 years of experience. Call us today to find out more.