In the throes of winter, it can be hard to remember that springtime is just around the corner, and if you’ve been in the real estate business for any length of time, you know that this is the industry’s busiest season. Every year it seems there’s a direct correlation: the warmer the weather, the hotter the market.

At Trustworthy Title, we can’t help but notice real estate agents seem to fit into two broad categories in the springtime, those who have been planning well for this year-making season, and those who wish they had. Don’t be one of the agents or brokers thinking, “If only I’d…” Instead, let’s use these “hibernation” months to prime ourselves and our businesses for a great season.

Ten Tips to Get Ahead as You’re Planning for Spring

Don’t worry, this isn’t a checklist. You don’t have to complete every item we share with you in order to make the most of spring. Pick and choose the options that best address current needs and promise the greatest ROI for the valuable time and energy you invest. Whatever that
“ought to” that has been nagging you in the back of your mind for some time is a great place to start. .

1. Set Goals

At the start of a new year, we hear talk of setting goals everywhere. There’s a reason we are encouraged by psychologists, life coaches, educators, and business consultants to have them…they motivate and inspire us. In order to set goals that make a difference in your business, follow a few guiding principles.

  • Be a visionary. Consider the future you want to have. Dream big!
  • Put it on the clock. Goals can be short and long term, and it’s a great idea to have both.
  • Goals are measurable. Get specific about what you want to achieve so you will know when your goal has been reached.

With some goals in mind, it’s time to go to work achieving them. Perhaps you want to improve the number of listings you carry by 10. What would you have to do within your office, your network, and your own schedule in order to make this possible? Each step of your action plan is an objective.

2. Do Some Housekeeping

When’s the last time you cleaned out the virtual files? How about those databases of contacts and clients? Are they up to date? And among your newsletters, email campaigns, blogs, and articles, what existing content needs to be discarded and what can be repurposed and refreshed to extend its life and usefulness.

Now take some time to work on your physical workspace. Get rid of everything that is no longer helping you run your business successfully and thoroughly clean what remains. While you’re working at this, make note of office supplies, new homeowner gifts, and marketing materials that need to be restocked and get those orders in now.

3. Tweak Your Organizational Systems

As you cleaned, you no doubt unveiled some less-than-productive habits that helped your office get into the condition in which you just found it. Address those issues by putting a more effective plan in place. The same is true for your files and databases.

4. Master a Game-Changing Tech Tool

Whether old media platforms have developed new features or you haven’t yet begun to explore the benefits of the tech resources to help expand and streamline your business, study and implement it now. Developing your social media presence is essential, as 97% of home buyers use the internet as they search for real estate.


5. Build Your Network

You already know that real estate is a relational business, so it stands to reason that if you expand your network, you’ll expand your business. From launching email campaigns to getting involved in a local business professionals group, look for ways to meet and build connections with potential clients.

6. No More Procrastination

Procrastination is a stealthy little monster. Whenever we aren’t feeling the pressure of urgency, it lulls us into believing, “I could do this next week. I’ve got plenty of time.” Soon “plenty of time” turns into “How is it already April?” Your prior successes came from the unique brand and service you offered your clients. Stay true to your practices, and not only will you continue to build your impact and client base in the community, it won’t be such a daunting task to ramp up your productivity in the spring.

7. Meet with and Prepare Your Clients

Inspire confidence and build great rapport with your clients by preparing them for spring. Help the buyers hone in on what they are looking for, the elements of their new property that are requirements versus wish list. Break down the realities of the current economy for sellers and how that might impact their selling experience. Help them determine their goals and requirements and what may be asked of them to achieve their goals.

8. Invest in Yourself

Whether you need some quiet rejuvenation and self-care or seek to improve your skills through additional certifications or independent study, you’ll be a better agent because you took the time during the quieter winter months to take good care of yourself before your days are too busy to do so.

9. Refresh Your Online Presence

How long ago was your website designed? Has it been awhile since bios and employee photos or listing data were updated? Are you consistently engaged on social media, and does your content seamlessly build your brand? Evaluate it and update it. If keeping up with social media leads and fresh content seems daunting, hire a contracted worker to focus solely on this element of your business, and watch the engagement grow.

10. Develop a Business Plan

You may already be operating with short and long-term goals and how to achieve them. If so, you’ll simply want to review and refresh your memory about where you’ve been and where you’re headed. However, if you are not working from a well-thought-out business plan, chances are your business is not as focused as it could be. Make the plan and develop the strategy now. Springtime will be the time to implement it fully

You’ll Be Ready

No matter which strategies you choose to employ to prepare for the busy season ahead, planning now can help you make this year your most successful one to date. If the “To do list” our list has generated in your head seems overwhelming, remember this simple phrase, “Progress over perfection.

As you expand your network for this upcoming year, Trustworthy Title would love to be a part of your team. We offer prompt, professional, and personable service to take the stress out of relocation. Give us a call. We look forward to talking with you.