When purchasing a new home, the intense book of covered and not covered occurrences when going through insurance can be jarring. However, this is a great list to go through to have a better understanding of what you can prepare for to minimize damages. This can be done by simple home projects. It can also be done by utilizing some at-home techniques. 

Groundwater Insurance Claims

One most common issue for a home to run into, which is usually not covered by insurance, is groundwater. Groundwater can be from anything from flooding, or even just heavy rain. This groundwater can get past the foundation of your house, and flood into your basement and ground floor. Some ways to avoid this is by building up the ground around your house. This is to encourage water to run away from your foundation. This can be done very easily with just dirt and a shovel. An additional option would be to install a sump pump into your basement. This sump pump will be your last line of defense as it is used to remove water from an already flooded basement to minimize damages. 

Property Checks

An additional way for you to be prepared is with regular checks of your property. Things to be on the lookout for are loose shingles and siding sheets. If there are single pieces loose enough, strong winds could use that small opportunity as a pathway to rip the entire wall of siding or roof off of your house in a storm. 

Finally, an additional option you could utilize is just to use contractors over home projects. Many home projects often do not have the same safety requirements as contractors. These requirements are used to keep you and your house safe. While they may sometimes seem tiresome and annoying, they are very important, and have been made requires for a reason.

Next time that you are expecting a big storm, remember to do a quick audit of your property to be sure that you have the opportunity to take your extra steps to help save your house, and wallet.